Welcome to Immortal Works’ new blog, The Never Ending Writing Conference!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I’m Holli Anderson, the Chief Editor, and I’d like to tell you a little about our publishing company. Immortal Works officially began in the Summer of 2016, but started as a vision (or maybe a hallucination?) in the sometimes unpredictable mind of our fearless leader, CEO Jason King, years before that. Our mission here at Immortal Works is, rather than specializing in certain genres or age groups, to cater to a specific audience—intriguing books of all genres for all ages, without the garbage.

At the time I’m writing this, we have fifty-four contracted authors and seventy-five books published or in the process of being published. Another fun-fact: Immortal Works has a podcast titled 'Flash Fiction Friday', where anyone can submit a short story for consideration and once chosen, the story is professionally recorded and released to our podcast audience. Our 'FFF', as we lovingly call it, has been mentioned on none other than the famous 'Writing Excuses' podcast.

So what’s different about Immortal Works? We focus on an audience who can trust our content, every book is made into an audio book, and we put a lot of energy into helping our authors market their books.

In a nutshell, Immortal Works is a place to publish stories that don’t fit into the industry’s standard formulas. And readers are noticing us! So many of our books have been nominated for and won awards. Most recently our YA contemporary, 'Boy on Hold', won a Gold IPPY award, and our Adult crime/mystery, 'Midnight Call', received a Bronze. The New York Public Library recently requested the amazing middle grade book, 'Justice in a Bottle', to be considered for their Best of 2020 list. For several years in a row we’ve had books included as finalists in the Whitney Awards. We’ve received accolades from a well-known history professor in Germany for our YA science fiction, 'Shattered Snow', and been featured in a writer’s magazine out of the UK (that brought us a flood of submissions from across the pond). And the list goes on…

Our vision for 'The Never Ending Writing Conference' blog is to create a space where writers, both published and unpublished, can learn from each other. It will be a trusted place where writers can come to learn about the craft of writing, querying, publishing, marketing, and more—and where readers can come to discover new books and get to know our authors better.

Remember, only the best stories become Immortal!