Becoming Human
  • Becoming Human

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    Written by Amy Michelle Carpenter


    Carter doesn't believe in aliens. And he certainly doesn't defend his dad's claims that they exist, even if they aired on national television. But then, the girl he's falling for starts doing strange things, magical things, things that seem a bit out of this world.


    Kokab hungers to be a Perfect in a world where her emotions are her greatest flaw. But when her planet faces extinction, her sympathy makes her the perfect ambassador to persuade humans to accept her people. Failure means invasion, but success means she will never become a Perfect.


    Ags dreams of graduating from the Academy and becoming a guardian of Earth. Obsessed with all things human, she's eager to spend time on the unique planet. But when she uncovers an impending invasion, she's willing to lose everything, including herself, to stop it.


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