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Circle members get free copies of soon-to-be published titles, which they agree to read and then post an honest review on Amazon the day the book is released. We also encourage Circle members to post reviews on Goodreads,, the reviewer's blog, etc, where they help other readers make purchasing decisions.


Have questions about the Immortal Reviewers Circle ARC program? Review our FAQ below, or email Ready to sign up? Just fill out the form below to get started!


ARC Program FAQ


What Exactly is an ARC?

ARC stands for “Advanced Reader Copy.” These are uncorrected proofs of finished, edited novels and novellas. They may contain spelling or typographical errors, and may not have a final cover or interior formatting. They are not meant for widespread distribution, and are sent to reviewers in advance of the publication date.


When are ARCs sent out? How long will I have to read to them?

ARCs are typically distributed 1-3 months prior to the book’s release date. You would have the period between when the ARC is sent to you and the book’s release date to read the book and write an honest review.

Do I have to read and review every book that Immortal Works publishes?

Nope! If accepted into our ARC program, you’ll be sent an email invitation for each and every release that will include the book’s genre, length, description, and other details. You can decide a case-by-case basis if you’d like to participate in the ARC for that particular title by asking yourself questions like:

  • Does this sound like a title I would enjoy?

  • Do I have time to read the book and write a review prior to the specified release date?

Will it be an ebook or a paperback?

At this time, all of our ARCs are distributed in ebook format. For the best reading experience, we recommend that you use an e-reader, but you can also read the ARCs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.