Natalie Brianne

Natalie Brianne's active imagination led her to spend much of her childhood making dolls out of acorn caps, escaping to fields of clover, and exploring the neighborhood as if it were a jungle full of flora and fauna rather than concrete and asphalt. 


Writing was an unconscious sprite that followed her around, leading her to write poetry and short stories about the world around her. Through her schooling, she gained interest in a variety of things from history, art, and music to science and technology. This led her to pursue a degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Brigham Young University where she could learn about her passions all at once.


She loves to travel, learn new dialects and accents, draw, try new things and spend time with her ever-expanding family.


You can find her musings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at

Works by Natalie:


March 2021

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