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Want to be Immortal?


At Immortal Works Press, we are currently seeking only submissions of novel length (40,000 words plus) in any fiction genre so long as it meets our content guidelines. Before submitting, please read our Novel Submission Guidelines.  
X (formerly Twitter) Pitches:

Our acquisitions team regularly monitors pitch events on Twitter, including #IWSGPIT, #SFFpit, #divpit, and others. If your tweet receives a ‘like’ from a member of our team (Staci, Lindsay, Rachel, or Julia), you are invited to submit your query. Remember to include your pitch in the query so you get bumped to the top of the submissions. If your query was liked, please read the Novel Submission Guidelines above to know what we’re looking for. 

Follow Staci:    @StaciOlsen12

Follow Julia:     @JuliaKingEditor


Editor Pitches:

Immortal Works Press will have Acquisition Editors at several conventions in Utah where authors can pitch directly to us. It will help if you’ve read the Novel Submission Guidelines above before you show up. Just talk to the editor and send the submission in by e-mail after. If you want IW at a convention not listed here, invite us! Here are the conferences where we are currently planning to take pitches.

For questions regarding your submission, contact us at

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