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Novel Submission Guidelines

What We Want 

Currently we are looking for fiction in the following categories: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Romance, Thrillers, and Mysteries. We heavily favor Young Adult fiction. We are not publishing Middle-Grade fiction at this time.  

Our Audience

We publish books that don't contain explicit content. If your book was a movie, it would have to be rated PG-13 or lighter.

Here is what we do not allow: 


  • F-bombs

  • Profaning the name of Deity

  • Descriptions of Sex

  • Gratuitous Violence

  • Political Indoctrination


Please only query us after your novel is the highest quality you can make it with all the help you can get and multiple edits. No matter how good the book is, if we run into a lot of errors (grammar, spelling, inconsistencies in plot, poor character development) we won’t be willing to invest in your work. Honestly, it’s rare for somebody to be great at writing and bad at language.

Please do not send the full manuscript unless we ask for it. If we request your full manuscript, here is what we want it to look like:

  • Document Format: .doc

  • Document Title: Book Title by Author Name

  • Font: Georgia

  • Font Size: 12

  • Line Spacing: 1.5

  • Margins: 1”

  • Auto Return: 0.5” (no tabs)

  • No page numbering, headers, or footers

  • On the first page put:

    • Book Title

    • Author Name

    • E-mail Address (We don’t want your address or phone number yet.

How to Query

We currently only accept queries from authors with literary agents. You or your agent can submit your query through our online form.

We will answer every one, but usually in batches a month or so at a time. The first person to see your submission will be the Acquisitions Manager. If your book and writing sample look like something we want, it will be assigned to one of our amazing Acquisition Editors. She/he will request the full manuscript, read it, and decide whether or not to recommend it for publishing. If the company accepts the recommendation, the editor will send a contract and we’ll take it from there.

There are many reasons a book may be rejected. If it doesn’t fit our audience, or if we have another book very similar to it, we will reject it regardless of the quality of the book. Most of the time we’ll try to give you some feedback, but rejections are final.

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