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Hack Ware

Hack Ware

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It’s 2065.


Half the world’s population is made up of droids—

droids with such sophisticated AI,

they pass for humans.


In an apocalyptic New York City, Chevy Rose is still grieving her parents’ deaths when

her boyfriend Gage collapses unconscious. When his diagnosis confirms he suffered a

Ransomware attack, Chevy must admit he is not human, but a droid.


Chevy’s desperate journey to save Gage leads to shocking discoveries. A terrifying

motive by Russian hackers is revealed as the computer virus spreads well beyond

Gage’s operating system. If Chevy can’t reverse the damage before it infiltrates the

world’s fragile healthcare infrastructure, a life-saving serum her late mother created will

be at risk…and so will the lives of all surviving humans.

  • Product Details

    Author: JD Spero

    Publication Date: 8/22/23

    ISBN: 978-1-953491-60-2

    Page Count: 214

  • Ebook

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