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Theresa Pocock is a history lover which lead her to study the subject at BYU-Idaho. However, it was her obsession with literature that sparked the idea to write (well that, and a couple of seriously crazy dreams). Since, that desire has become a relentless compulsion gnawing at her attention and focus. She has written ten books in ten years and hopes to keep that pace up. She loves to travel even though she gets horribly motion sick and could live off of Italian sfogliata. After sixteen moves, three kids, five dogs, and a few fish, Theresa and her family currently reside in Washington state. For now. You can contact Theresa through email ( ) or through her website ( Also feel free to check out her other published books, ELIZABETH TUDOR: Ancestry of Sorcery, and FILLOS, or come see some of the books she's reviewed at her blog ( 

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