Find Kevin on his website,, where he pontificates about writing, living life with two (soon to be three) small kids, and balancing writing with a day job and a family.

He’s owned over 300 guinea pigs at the same time, been nationally ranked as a guinea pig breeder, played duets through his nose on recorders to the embarrassment of many, and lived without air conditioning for almost 2 years.

Kevin owes his publishing debut to a kindly librarian back in the 6th grade, the LTUE Symposium, a purple shirt, and a passing editor who didn’t mind some mild sarcasm. His books have been Utah Book Awards finalists, Whitney Award Nominees, and #1 bestsellers on Amazon.

He currently resides in Utah with his amazing wife and two wonderful children. He’s still writing (currently working on the next two books after Skies in the Sharani Series and some other un-related projects) and continuing a lifelong quest to become a dragon rider.

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