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Colonial Prime: Humanity

Colonial Prime: Humanity

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Written by Kevin Nielsen


Captain Amara Corrin, hero of the late Solar Wars, commands the first colonial fleet. Full of hopeful dreamers looking for a new home, world-weary ex-soldiers, and those just seeking escape, five ships set out from Earth with the hopes of humanity behind them. But Amara soon finds herself with more trouble than she can handle. The Council, Earth’s new governing body, has saddled her with their political rivals, exiling them to a place where they could do them no harm. 

Struggling to find balance, Amara appoints a fresh-faced first officer with a hidden past, Nathan Esquina, and tries to figure out a way to keep her son, Jaelyn, free of the political machinations of those aboard the ship trying to destroy the rocky peace upon which they stand. When a message from Earth lets them know that the Council has fallen, Amara, Nathan, and Jaelyn land themselves in a pitched battle where a single mistake could end not only their own lives, but those of every person aboard their colonial fleet.

  • Product Details

    Formats Available:

    E-Book, Paperback, Audio

    ISBN: 978-0999020555

    ASIN: B077TBVN1S

    Page Count: 168

    Trim: 5 x 8

    Pub Date: 06-02-2018

    Age Group: Middle Grade

    Genre: Science Fiction

    BISAC Codes:

    JUV000000 JUV001000

    JUV053000 JUV053020

    JUV013060 JUV045000

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