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One Quarter Villain

One Quarter Villain

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Happily Ever After for a villain? Is that even possible?


Maddy Hutton follows the rules. 

All of them. 

All of the time. 

She's hyper-aware of everything from traffic laws to the vague suggestions on cafeteria posters. Everyone knows they can depend on Maddy to do the right thing in every situation.

Until her seventeenth birthday.

Maddy receives a DNA test from her beloved Grams and discovers something she never would have thought possible. Turns out Maddy is one-quarter villain.

Wait, that shows up in the blood?

As Maddy unravels the truth about her family history she finds herself in the middle of a real-life fairy tale, complete with magic, mischief, and that oh-so-elusive Happily Ever After that every girl dreams about.

Maddy might be a villain by blood, but who will she be by choice?

  • Ebook

  • Author:

    Cori Cooper

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