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Summer of Mud

Summer of Mud

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In the summer of 1976, Scoob, a twelve-year-old musical prodigy, dreams of becoming a jazz legend like the great Louis Armstrong. But first, she needs to get off the streets. When Scoob lands a paying gig, she thinks her luck is about to change—she now has the chance to play in front of a famous band leader with his own TV show. This could be her big break! But Scoob’s older brother, RC, drags his little sister along on an unwelcome road trip. Broke and unable to afford food, Scoob and RC “borrow” gas along the way until they find themselves stuck in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho. The idyllic farming community is buzzing with controversy over a newly built dam, with residents divided over the safety of the structure. 

Stranded in the tiny town and pestered by a growing group of well-meaning locals, Scoob tries her best to get back home to California and her audition, struggling to understand why her brother doesn’t seem to want to leave. RC is hiding something, and Scoob soon discovers he isn’t being honest with her. On a warm summer morning, a heartbroken Scoob decides to head home on her own, but that very day, Rexburg’s new dam springs a leak. Within a few short hours, a wall of water is rushing toward the tiny town, destroying everything in its path. Scoob must fight for her life and face mounting odds as she tries to decide what really matters.

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    Author: Rebecca Bischoff

    Publication Date: 5/7/24

    Page Count: 304

    ISBN: 978-1-953491-80-0

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