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A Song I Used to Know

A Song I Used to Know

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Orphaned twice by the age of nineteen, Stevie Parker resigned herself to a life of solitude, unwilling to explore the unknown and risk further disappointment. Working a lackluster call center job for the last two years, Stevie has remained complacent, accepting promotions despite the added strife they bring, until a third offer initiates an awakening. Stevie steps off the empty road to nowhere, allowing herself a chance to do something more than merely survive.


After enrolling in college and accepting a work-study position with the on-campus daycare, Stevie makes fast friends with an outspoken classmate, and begins shaking off the crushing weight brought on by years of isolation. Unfortunately, friendship and self-fulfillment don’t buy groceries or keep the lights on.


When an opportunity arises in the form of a part-time babysitting gig, Stevie leaps at the chance, but quickly finds herself falling for rough-cut single dad, Mason Shepard. Reluctant to open her heart and jeopardize her job, Stevie attempts to bury her feelings, which only seems to make them stronger. She’s even starting to think Mason returns her affection, though something dark and ominous behind his eyes suggests there may be more to his story than Stevie bargained for. Too bad she’s already in so deep she can’t see the surface.


  • Product Details

    Author: Genalea Barker

    ISBN: 978-1-953491-69-5

    Page Count: 314

    Publication Date: 12/19/23

  • Ebook

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