The Mummy of Monte Cristo

The Mummy of Monte Cristo


Written by J. Trevor Robinson


"To withstand the worsening agony, Edmond focused once more on the faces of his enemies. He swore he would endure, he would survive, and he would bring Hell itself to their doorsteps."


In the aftermath of a brutal plague that swept across 19th-century Europe, Edmond Dantes is framed for treason by jealous rivals and a zealous prosecutor. He is left to rot in prison without trial or sentence. Edmond's cellmate, thought to be a madman, tells him of a great treasure and dark power hidden away on the Island of Monte Cristo, waiting for someone to come and take them.


Without these gifts, Edmond stands no chance of delivering justice to the men who stole his life, his liberty, and his happiness. But with them, does he have any hope of retaining his humanity? And in a world of magic and monsters, could he bear to join the ranks of the foulest monsters of all: the undead?


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