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Uproar: Dragon Bones Book 3

Uproar: Dragon Bones Book 3

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Jashi Anyua-Omah has been kidnapped by the Zendaalans and taken to Zendaal. And what’s more, one of her captors is a strange man the Zendaalans call Deklas, but who calls himself Dekaar—he’s clearly K’sundii and dragon tribe but has cybernetic implants like a Zendaalan. Not only that, but he knows Jashi somehow. He’s a mad-man that has the Zendaalans wrapped around his finger. And he’s obsessed with Jashi.


The dragon Jashi performed a drake bond with in Vahdel follows her and her kidnappers in secret and reveals a new ability Jashi had no idea about. The two of them will work together to discover a way to bring Jashi back to K’sundi, and in the meantime Jashi will learn as much as she can about her enemy while she’s held captive in Zendaal.


Kahmel Axon Kai of the Omah clan has lost his wife, and he’s no longer feeling merciful enough to think about anything but getting her back. When he rescinds the throne and the Zendaalans go back on their deal to give Jashi back in return, Kahmel realizes that he’s going to need to strike a new deal with the Dragon Kings to save her.


Kahmel has barely scratched the surface of K’sundi’s long history with the supernatural, and he discovers there may be a way to keep Jashi safe, along with the other Half Dracs in danger from the mysterious new Faresh claiming to be a relative of Kahmel’s—Dekaar.


Kahmel and Jashi have made promises to each other that they intend to keep by any means necessary, no matter what gets in their way. They’re changing plans, thinking only of those that have proven their loyalty and of their combined futures.


No one else matters.

  • Product Details

    Author: Celeste Harte

    Publication Date: 3/5/24

    ISBN: 978-1-953491-76-3

    Page Count: 360

  • Ebook

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