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Bricktown Boys

Bricktown Boys

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Written by Pete Fanning


It's 1987 and twelve-year-old Sam Beasley only wants two things: to play football and for his mother to stop dating losers. Only there's no money for a football team in Bricktown, while there's an endless supply of losers for his mother to bring home.

Sam finds a friend in the elderly widow down the street. While he's careful not to let on about his crummy home life, Mrs. Coleman always seems to know when he needs to do wash or eat a hot meal. When he mentions his football dilemma, she surprises him by offering to fund the team. It's a dream come true, until she names the team The Gospel, declares herself head coach, and arms herself with a whistle, Bible scriptures, and a mouthful of grammar lessons. But Sam has bigger worries, like his mom's latest loser, Troy, easily the worse one yet. As Sam's home life spirals out of control, the boys of Bricktown become more than a football team, and football becomes more than just about winning.




2021 Indies Today Best Juvenile Book Award

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    Formats Available:

    E-Book, Paperback

    ISBN: 978-1953491022


    Page Count: 184

    Trim: 6 x 9

    Pub Date: 12-01-2021

    Age Group: Middle Grade

    Genre: Contemporary

    BISAC Codes:

    JUV000000 JUV005000

    JUV074000 JUV013000

    JUV016150 JUV033230

    JUV039060 JUV039010

    JUV039120 JUV032030


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