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FIVE: Out of the Ashes

FIVE: Out of the Ashes

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Written by Holli Anderson


Their last battle ended with death and despair, but they have no time to mourn. One of their own has been taken and the Quinae Praesidia set out to find and rescue her.In this third and last installment of the FIVE series, the FIVE discover new powers, make a desperate run through the Netherworld, land on an island paradise… and find that Brone, always a step ahead of them, is becoming more powerful than ever.

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    Formats Available:

    E-Book, Paperback

    ISBN: 979-8668640263

    ASIN: B08DJ78NG2

    Page Count: 282

    Trim: 6 x 9

    Pub Date: 04-08-2020

    Age Group: Young Adult

    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    BISAC Codes:

    YAF000000 YAF001000

    YAF041000 YAF045000

    YAF019060 YAF019010