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Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock

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Written by Rebecca Bischoff


Animal-loving Lizza thinks nothing can be worse than her dad's taxidermy business, until Dad moves the family into an actual cave. Living inside a home carved into a giant rock formation in the desert is not exactly Lizza's idea of fun. She's on display for the curious tourists who tromp through her new home all day long. Lizza now has an even bigger goal: to get out of the cave and back into a real home. Her efforts fizzle until she involves animal rights activists and environmentalists, but she soon finds that her plans have unintended consequences. Now Lizza needs to get her family back together before they're split apart for good.s

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    Formats Available:

    E-Book, Paperback

    ISBN: 978-1953491121

    ASIN: B08T81J77Z

    Page Count: 202

    Trim: 5 x 8

    Pub Date: 23-03-2021

    Age Group: Middle Grade

    Genre: Contemporary

    BISAC Codes:

    JUV000000 JUV002000

    JUV013000 JUV039050

    JUV039060 JUV039220


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