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Life After

Life After

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Written by Genalea Barker


Someone once asked August Haiz if twins realize one of them is an accident. Deep down, August knows if anyone was an accident, it wasn’t Benny—it was her. Granted, August doesn’t mind dancing in the background, letting Benny be the star musician and center of attention. In fact, she prefers is that way.

Abandoned by their mother as children, the twins have spent a decade dodging the unpredictable nature of their alcoholic father in an attempt to stay off his radar. With graduation in sight and their freedom on the horizon, August and Benny look forward to fleeing their hometown together and starting fresh at college. But a tragic accident turns August’s world upside down, swallowing her hopes of a brighter future.

Guilt-ridden and struggling to cope with her new normal, August shuts out the people who love her most, and nearly ruins her most important friendship. If August wants a chance at adjusting to life after tragedy, she’ll have to process her pain, let go of the past, and leave the darkness behind.

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    Author: Genalea Barker

    Publication Date: 2/7/23

    ISBN: 978-1953491497

    Page Count: 256

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