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Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

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Edited by John M. Olsen


Pioneers come from more than one mold. Steampunk often champions a view of the indomitable human spirit thrust into a world of gears, brass, airships, and goggles. Mormon pioneers did amazing things with their attitude of self-sufficiency buoyed by faith. Combine the two and you get fanciful tales of overcoming terrific challenges in a host of creative ways.

Herein you will find thirteen stories to tickle your fancy, each with a unique take on combining the science of steampunk with the strength and attitudes of the pioneers who migrated to what would later become Utah.

Prepare yourself for flying goats, midnight invasions, missing memories, Porter Rockwell, mystery, pirates, robots, ancient history, more robots, circular reasoning, ghosts, and ginger ale. These authors cover a lot of ground, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the trip.

Scott William Taylor, Angie Taylor, Megan Rupp, Scott E. Tarbet, Finlay Lofthouse, Christopher Baxter, Bryce Moore, D. J. Moore, Mindie Erb, Heidi Wessman Kneale, Kurt F. Kammeyer, Kim May, Judith and Michael Collings.




2019 Golden Quill Award

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